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Walls of minimalistic interiors of a tenement house at 7 Izaaka Street
in Krakow's Kazimierz are decorated with drawings and black frescoes
performed by Celine Levitan -  reenacter of past  events,
the wounded feelings and inspired thoughts of people who have left here...
Celine Levitan carries  the mystical heritage of the Rabbis of Chełm - ecstatic
  illustrates, subconsciously, the stories of Izaak Jakubowicz and
Monachem Kipnis. A genius artist lost in time and space
although he remains himself, he intrigues with a mysterious relationship with Isaac Levitan -
born in 1860     and died in 1900 Jewish  painter  from Lithuania –
favorite of Pavel Tretyakov…
Celina Levitan (Celine Levitan) is a painter, illustrator and author of outstanding works
in the field of artistic textiles. In the years 1995 - 2000
studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. She defended, with distinction,
diploma in painting in the studio of Professor Adam Brincken and an annex to
diploma in the Studio of Book Design and Typography under the direction of
Professor Roman Banaszewski.
Frescoes on the walls of an ancient house at 7  street in krakow
Kazimierz, Celina Lewitan painted inspired by true stories,
that happened under his roof - somewhere around 1640 Izaak Jakubowicz
he had a dream that he found a great treasure under a stone bridge in Prague, Czech Republic.
When he got to Prague, he saw that the bridge was surrounded by the army and it was impossible to cross it
search. When he was about to turn back, cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d entered into a chat with a patrol
soldier - the dream told him, and he taunted Isaac that he had dreamed it
an Ajzyk from Kazimierz, who was under the stove in his Jewish house
in the city of Kazimierz, has a treasure, and knows nothing about it... Isaac didn't get the joke...
he returned home, dismantled the stove and found a treasure, for which he built a synagogue
(today called Isaac)…     and its own trading post.
Another citizen of Kazimierz who used to visit the mikveh  of the local house still  
in the twenties of the last century,  got the surname "Pamm" - which means
time in Hebrew that he did not know about jokes, but believed in signs -
went to Switzerland i  founded a watch factory under the name - Pamm Freres
– LUSINA - Geneve.
Celina Lewitan herself is related by blood to the families of the Chełm rabbis
from the book of Monachem Kipnis
and her ancestor - the great painter of Jewish origin Isaac Levitan seals
artist's work
sign of the Russian romantics.


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