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Adam Gessler


Christopher Labiniec

Chief of Staff/Service



Grzegorz Słota

Krzysztof Łabiniec

Krzysztof  Łabiniec

Chief of Staff / Service

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Marcin Łężniak

Manager / service

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Christo Vasily

Manager / service

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Natalia Maksymenko

Maksym Bykovets




This is one of the best restaurants in Krakow. I was there with my work colleagues for a team dinner and we all ordered an array of different dishes. Not only was the food amazing but the staff at the restaurant were amazing! In particular Kristo who looked after us. Each dish will be assembled in front of you giving you an experience of the care that goes into the preparation of each dish and the key ingredients that uplifts the flavor of each dish! This is a place that you can enjoy Krakow finest, yet feeling casual, relaxed and enjoying pure flavors of the natural ingredients. Someone recommended me to try this restaurant and we were not disappointed! I’d highly recommend the roast duck, and the Adam Gessler herring starter! Amazing meal and thanks for Kristo who made our experience a memorable one

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If you are bored with the typical atmosphere of a 21st century restaurant, I highly recommend Adam Gessler A`La Carte. The owner himself serves, from the pot he brings in, to the dill on the country ("THE real country!") cream, on the cod on the wine, on... You mustn't move until the Lord puts all the layers but you have to quickly stir the yolk when the command is given "Now please mix." There is no time for frills such as shooting a photo of the egg yolk in the Swiss Leek Soup, because it looked so photogenic. Around the table there is music coming from an old but not out of tune piano and aromas as intense as in Italy, although this is a completely different cuisine, ours and not-ours. You will feel here a bit like before World War II, a bit like in a movie. I will definitely do it again sometime. heaven in mouth!

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